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Pres. Putin addresses to the Muslim Council

" Islamic Peace and World Peace is the solution "

Joint statement of the Chairman of Russia Mufties Council and the Chief Rabbi of Russia

We, heads of two traditional religions of Russia - Judaism and Islam - in connection with the groundless announcements in some mass media that appeared lately, that could well destroy the interreligious peace, we express out firm adherence to the continuity of our constructive dialogue and cooperation. It is the cooperation between the religions that makes up strong base of civil peace and consent.

The representatives of Islam and Judaism in our country have always respected each other. And we are ready to support respectful and trustworthy relations calling our adherents to friendship and mutual understanding. We strongly believe that our joint efforts will develop and will bring good to the Russian people.

Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin Chairman of Russia Mufties Council

Berl Lazar Chief Rabbi of Russia

source: Russia Mufties Council - Dialogue of Religions

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