IslamPeace-IUT Al Rashidun - ATA'I - ASHA'A - Enlightened Islamic-Universal Peace Movement - Moscow - Russia - CIS - FSU Liaison Bureau
Universalnoe Dvizhenie Prosveshchennogo Islama - Byuro svyazi - Moskva - Russkiĭ Federatsii
движение исламского мира во всем мире - Гамбург - Гранада - Стамбул - Самарканд * Бюро связи - Москва

The IslamPeace - IUT Al Rashidun - Oath of Office

- Raising the right hand with the Glorious Qu'ran we take this Oath :
" Bismillahi'r-Rahmani'r-Rahim, In the Name of God Almighty

we hereby declare on our Honor ,before the Gracious, High God, Allah, Sabahanou wa Ta'ala, and these witnesses, that we are fully committed to Peace and Peaceful Resolve of any Conflicts and Rightful, Legitimate Claims, we have, in full accord with the Statutes and Spirit of IslamPeace - IUT Al Rashidun, the Enlightened Islamic-Universal Peace Movement and Governing Authority of the Islamic-Universal Transformation - IUT, whose members we are about to become ,guided by our Faith and by our sincere desire to serve the Islamic Ummah and our fellow-men,this new Path and Road in the persuit and service of Islam and Peace.

We shall serve IslamPeace-IUT Al Rashidun and World Peace to the best of our ability and declare our total alligance and loyality to this noble cause.

We are affixing our signatures to this oath, which shall become an integral part of our application for membership and service.

A certificate from the Authorities at our Place of Residence, attesting that no criminal charges are pending against us, is attached to this application and oath.

The third document is the personally signed "IslamPeace-IUT Al Rashidun - Principles of Conduct and Statutes".

The Principles of Conduct and Statutes reflect these noble aims and are listed as a witness unto all.

IslamPeace - IUT Al Rashidun is a legitimate and lawful, democratic, non-violent, independent Enlightened Islamic-Universal Peace Movement and Transformation, founded in Hamburg Germany, 2 Jumada Thani 1421 H. - Aug.2000

2- IslamPeace-IUT Al Rashidun and its organizations conduct its activities openly and in broad daylight, there are no hidden motives or agendas.

3- IslamPeace - IUT Al Rashidun members, in whatever capacity or in whatever of its organizational framework, must report IMMEDIATELY any improper, unlawful attempts by third parties to the Bagheban-e Islam Al Rashidun Leadership, through proper channels of command.
Such actions or attempts cannot and will not be tolerated.

4- Honesty and straight-forwardness are Prime Virtues ** Disceit and Misconduct will thus result in immediate Dismissal, Dis-Association from the gilty party. This applies, without exception to everyone within , or connected to IslamPeace - IUT, Al Rashidun .


Signed : Bagheban-e Islam, Khalil Abdullah, Al Rashid, Al Andalusi, The Bagheban, Al Assad Al Musaalim -
endorsed by all Bagheban-e Islam Al Rashidun Leaders during Shurafa I -
Hamburg - Granada - Al Hambra - Mukharram 1423 H. - March 2002

Bagheban-e Islam Al Rashidun - The Rightly Guided of the New Peaceful Order

revised version in compliance with the Shurafa 6 - Majlis -Mukharram 1427 H. - Feb 2006 resolutions


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